Pasture Monitoring – Regular farm visits to walk the farm and collect the grass growth data and input the data into a software programme.
Grassland Management – Regular farm visits to educate farmers and their staff on grazing management techniques, for beef, sheep and dairy.
Visual Soil Assessment – documenting the physical characteristics of the soil, including compaction, worms and soil porosity.
Visual Plant Assessment –recording details of root mass and root depth, as well as looking at the make up of the sward and any weed issues and the sugar content of the grass.
Detailed Soil Analysis – Sampling the soil and sending it off to a laboratory for detailed soil analysis.
Detailed Plant Analysis – Sending samples of grass to a laboratory to get a detailed analysis.
Fertiliser – On the back of the soil and plant analysis you can decide upon a suitable fertiliser regime.
Benchmarking – Identifying where the farm currently stands on key performance criteria (these will differ for dairy/beef/sheep) and setting targets for the next season, and benchmarking these.
Financial Performance – Looking at the physical performance of the business over the year, to determine if it is profitable.
Discussion Groups – Contribute to discussion groups.
Speaking Engagements – Speak at conferences, farmer meetings or industry meetings.
On Farm Meetings – Hold on farm practical meetings.

Staff Training – Courses for new or Inexperienced staff.
Writing Articles – Producing articles on Grazing related topics for industry publications
Farm Mapping – A GPS mapping service for accurate paddock sizes and improved grazing management.
Livestock procurement – Sourcing livestock to meet farmers needs.
Farmer Tours – Grazing focussed tours for groups of farmers in the UK and Ireland.

Electric Fencing Equipment – Everything you need for paddock systems.
Scanning - We can provide a scanning service in the South of the UK.